Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Please see Surfrider Foundation San Francisco Chapter
for updates about the Ocean Beach SF Bay Oil Spill Cleanup Effort.

When you see no more updates there it is because the emergency is over.

Thanks everyone for getting started on cleaning up this disaster.

Training For Volunteer Certification 11/14/07

Monday, November 12, 2007

If you are an official reading this please email me if you know:

What websites should people go to?

California Department of Fish and Game

US Coast Guard

Environmental Protection Agency

California State Parks


Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Oiled Wildlife Network

How about just for San Mateo County?

Thanks anybody for viewing this page. Click here to see photographs I took.

Please understand this is a developing situation and information may change before I can update it here. Go to official sources for official information.

Please email me if you want to look at more pictures while I work to develop the site.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help work on the page, which would be even better, please just let me know.

I do have a career job during weekdays so please be understanding and I will be trying my best to respond to you.

Also, officials, everyone is looking to you for guidance, responsiveness, and results.

The problem you face is that time is an unrenewable resource.

We are cheering for you and hope you do great. Can we speed this up? Everyone will some day look at the history of this so for now let's get together and move forward and clean up this spill as best we can. From what I saw Saturday and Sunday (11/10/07 and 11/11/07) local officials on the scene are making good decisions.

Please read the Coast Guard Health Advisory as there is mixed information circulating at the beaches about the risks.

As observed Saturday and Sunday, during daylight hours the agencies were not stopping people from cleaning where beaches are not closed.

If you choose to go to the coast be smart and be safe.

If you want to clean up oil get training with a group that has the absorbent mats.

To get training you should know:

There is a level of communication developing between groups like Surfrider Foundation volunteers and the official agencies in San Mateo County and San Francisco. We are seeing the evolution of a grassroots effort that is electrifying the response to the spill.

In San Mateo County:

Register with the San Mateo County Alert System at This system has been in place a while and works for any urgent county-wide emergency situation...

In San Mateo County if you will be able to help in Pacifica over the next week or further please email me ( with your name and phone number. For now email is easiest and best for me please and call if you would like. I am compiling a list of Surfrider Volunteers to forward to the network of the Pacifica Emergency Response Team.

Because the spill is moving with currents and tides we should be vigilant to monitor for oil washing ashore on beaches in San Mateo County.

For oil news as it relates to Pacifica, please see

RE: SF Oil Spill and Volunteers to Help in Pacifica

As you are seeing in the news, it is difficult for willing volunteers to be able to help. It will probably be no different here in Pacifica. We do not know if and how we can help but we are trying to be prepared should the opportunity arise.

In San Francisco:

Surfrider Foundation San Francisco Chapter



We will distribute information as it develops.


Steven Harman
Volunteer Coordinator
Surfrider Foundation
San Mateo County Chapter